All Scroll Viewport sites set cookies to ensure correct display and functioning of the site. By default, Scroll Viewport will not set any tracking cookies.

First-Party Cookies

Our first-party cookies help remembering settings and states to correctly display the site to your visitors. These are not tracking cookies.

The first-party cookies that you can expect to find in all sites are:

  • pageTreeState Stores the visual state of the page tree (either expanded or collapsed)

  • shc-cookies Stores the decision on cookie usage that users make via the cookie notice (either accepted or rejected)

If you restrict access to your site with access tokens, then we will also apply session cookies in your site. Learn more on Restrict Site Access with Tokens .

Third-Party Cookies

Third-party cookies are only set if you choose to add a third-party service in your Viewport site, either through our offered integrations, by enabling SSO or by inserting third-party scripts via the JavaScript editor.

Please refer to the specific service providers for more details on their privacy policies.

Allow users to opt-in or opt-out

When you include third-party services in your site, we recommend to turn on the Cookie Notice so you can comply with privacy regulations, like GDPR.

The cookie notice will allow users to choose whether they want to block third-party cookies or allow to store them. Users can revise their decision at any time from the site’s footer.