We are pleased to announce the release of Scroll Viewport 2021-10-28 which is a feature and bug fix release.

In this release we introduce a JavaScript editor to the theme editor. Users who are experienced with web development can now customize their site beyond the options provided in the visual theme editor.

This release also introduces a new site setting that allows you to display content from include macros, even if their content is not contained in your content sources.

We have also fixed the display of links shared on social media and removed the mobile navigation from the in-app help mode, ensuring a more simplified view of your content.


Apply Custom JavaScript to Your Help Center

With this release, you can now inject custom JavaScript into your Scroll Viewport for Confluence Cloud help center.

Whether you’re applying JavaScript to use third party services or to modify the look and feel of specific pages, the new JavaScript editor enables advanced users who are comfortable with web development to customize the Help Center theme beyond the options provided in the visual theme editor.

Learn how to best Inject Custom JavaScript into your team’s help center.

Please note: Adding custom JavaScript can break or affect your site in unexpected ways.

We are unable to offer support for any problems caused by applying custom JavaScript code, which is why we recommend that only experienced users apply it to their help center.

Display Content From Includes Outside Your Content Sources

Confluence’s include page and excerpt-include macros are smart ways to reuse your content across Confluence pages. You avoid writing and maintaining the same piece of content in multiple locations.

Until now, Scroll Viewport only displayed content from your include page and excerpt-include macros if they pointed to pages that were contained in your selected content sources.

With this release we introduce a new Content Inclusion site setting that allows you to extend those permissions.

If your content inclusion setting is set to Display all included content, you allow the app to display include content from anywhere in Confluence, even if it’s not part of a page in your content sources (as long as that page or space is not restricted to the app).

Learn how to change your content Inclusion setting and start managing a reusable content library from anywhere in Confluence.


This release contains the following improvements for:

Bug fixes

This release contains the following fix for:

Check out our public cloud roadmap to see which Scroll Viewport features are coming up next!