We are pleased to announce the release of Scroll Viewport 2020-11-09 which is a bug fix release.


This release contains the following improvements for:


Feature RequestVPC-70 - Images don't take full width of the article Released

Bug Fixes


BugVPC-67 - Theme editor can be closed while saving theme is in progress (might cancel the operation) Released

BugVPC-12 - Emoticons don't display in published Viewport site Released

BugVPC-69 - ContentSources only rendered in Viewport after they are reordered Released

BugVPC-73 - Error gets thrown in the preview report if a referenced space or page is not accessible anymore Released

BugVPC-74 - Starting custom domain process leads to error when visiting the site overview Released


BugVPC-71 - Space description isn't shown on space tiles Released

BugVPC-72 - Links do have two hover effects Released