Sites published with Scroll Viewport use human-readable and SEO-friendly URLs that can be customized.

URLs for space content sources

For a space content source the URL is constructed as follows:

https:// your-company . / content-source / article

If all or some of your Viewport URLs look different, your site might include URLs in the legacy format.

The URL consists of the following segments:

  • Subdomain, e.g. your-company: This URL segment is a unique string of URL-safe characters. It is chosen upon site creation and can be changed in Site settings.

  • Domain, e.g By default, all Scroll Viewport sites carry this segment in their URL. You can also choose to Connect a Custom Domain .

  • Content source segment: This segment is a string of URL-safe characters and must be unique per site. By default it is set to the space key or document title but can be specified when the content source is added to the site and modified anytime after.

  • Article segment: By default, this part is derived from a URL-safe version of the Confluence page title. The default segment is set when the page is first added to a Viewport site and does not change when the Confluence page title changes. To ensure this stability, make sure that Scroll Viewport has view and edit permissions for the page(s) or set a custom article segment manually.

URLs for Scroll Document content sources

If you’re using Scroll Documents as a content source, a version segment and variant segment will be added between the content source and article segment.

For a Scroll Document content source the URL looks as follows:

https:// your-company . / content-source / version / variant / article

By default, this segment is set to the version name and variant name that you have defined in Scroll Documents. You can customize these values when adding and editing your content sources in Scroll Viewport.