The content of your space can be structured within the theme using page labels.

To display/hide those sections within your theme you need to activate/deactivate them in your theme editor > templates > content source page.

Label Name

What Does it Do?

Which Layout Will be Affected?


A page with this label displays on the Content Source below the banner.

To order the pinned pages, append a number as shown below to determine their order:

  • scroll-help-center-pinned-page-1

  • scroll-help-center-pinned-page-2

  • scroll-help-center-pinned-page-3

  • Hero Layout

  • Detail Layout


A page with this label is set as call to action button below the Content Source description.

  • Detail Layout


If you set the label to a page it will be taken as the news source. The first three children are displayed on the Content Source.

  • Hero Layout

  • Detail Layout

Learn more about switching the Content Source layout.