We are pleased to announce the release of Scroll Viewport 2021-02-09 which is an improvement release.

With this release we introduce support of the changelog for Scroll Document content sources.

The changelog allows you to identify and overview all content changes that you or your team have made to the document versions selected in your site since your last site update.

To make best use of the changelog, always Preview and Check Content before initiating the ‘update site’ process.

Additional improvements in this release include improved error handling for attachment issues.


This release contains the following improvements:

Feature RequestVPC-118 - Support Scroll Documents in Change-Log Resolved

Feature RequestVPC-113 - Improve error message in preview report when unable to add attachment Resolved

Bug fixes

This release contains the following bug fix for:

BugVPC-119 - Attachments with curly braces '{' '}' and HTML-unsafe characters like &% fail to download Resolved

Check out our Public Roadmap on Trello to see which features are coming up next!