Embed incident messages into your help center and allow your end-users to stay up to date with any outage, downtime or maintenances incidents that you are experiencing with your systems.

Many incident communication solutions provide a way of displaying important incident messages on websites, like Scroll Viewport sites.

Once embedded, your site visitors will see incidents messages pop up directly on your help center and know right away if you are experience outages, downtime or maintenances issues with your system or products. This is a great way to increase awareness of incidents.

Find below instructions on how to insert the script of Atlassian’s Statuspage into your site.

Statuspage (Atlassian)

Statuspage can only be embedded in your help center if your status page is set to public.

Get your Statuspage ID

To use the integration, you will first need to sign up for a Statuspage account and create a page.

Next, you will need to get your Statuspage ID:

  1. Click Status Embed from the sidebar of your page configuration.

  2. Optional: Use the customization options of the Recommended Embed

  3. Click Copy Code

  4. Copy yourID out of the URL shown the JavaScript code. Example:
    <script src="https://yourID.statuspage.io/embed/script.js "></script>

Enable Statuspage Integration in the Theme Editor

To set up the integration with Scroll Viewport click Edit Theme in your site overview details. From the theme editor:

  1. Select Integrations

  2. In the Incident communication dropdown, select Statuspage

  3. In the field, paste your Statuspage ID

  4. Click Save and Update Site

The Status Embed will now appear as a pop up on any page of your help center when incidents occur. By default, the Embed will show the incident name and description, along with a link to the incident on your status page.

You can further customize the Embed to the style of your help center. Learn more about all options to configure the Statuspage Embed.