Scroll Viewport uses image information directly from the Confluence pages.

An image from a Confluence page displays in full width on the Scroll Viewport site. You can also define the width of the images by manually setting the size of the image in the Confluence editor.

To resize the image in Confluence, open the editor and click the ‘File & Images’ icon from the editor toolbar to insert your image.

Move your mouse over the right side of your image to make two vertical bars appear on its sides. Clicking the bar, pull your mouse out or in to make the image larger and smaller.

Click publish to close the editor. Go to your Viewport site overview and click update to generate a new preview of your site.

Save Time Using the Article Preview

Scroll Viewport allows you to preview and check content before you go live.

To avoid going back to Confluence to fix your already published images, we recommend you use the app’s article preview.

The preview will give you an idea of the layout of your page on your Viewport site, even if the page and its changes aren’t part of the last site generation.

Use the preview to see if you need to fix the width of images before going to Viewport. Once fixed, go to your site overview to update the site and bring the changes live.