Sites published with Scroll Viewport use human-readable and SEO-friendly URLs that can be customized to a degree. The URL is constructed as follows:

  1. Site URL: This URL segment is a unique string of URL-safe characters. It is chosen upon site creation and can be changed in the site settings.

  2. Viewport URL: All Scroll Viewport sites carry this segment in their URL.

  3. Content source path: This segment is a string of URL-safe characters and must be unique per site. Upon site creation it is set to a default value (space key or document title) and can be edited from your site’s content source table.

  4. Page title: This part is the URL-safe version of the page title with Confluence page ID appended.

Only the page ID is used to direct a request to a certain page, meaning already shared links to newly renamed pages will remain accurate.

If you’re using Scroll Documents as a content source, a version path segment will be added between the content source value and page title. This segment is set to the version name and can be edited from your version list in the Document Manager.