Many help desks provide a way of embedding a widget on websites that enables readers to submit a support ticket directly from that page. Scroll Viewport supports a range of these widgets. Find below instructions on how to insert the widgets into your site.

Jira Service Management Cloud

Specify your data key to activate the widget. Ensure that your JSM project is set as public.

To get your key, you will first need to generate a code snippet in your Jira service project settings. Then, copy the data key out of the code snippet.

Example code:

<script data-jsd-embedded

Example key:



Specify your Zendesk URL to activate the widget. 

Example URL:


Learn how to generate the necessary details. Specify the following to integrate with Viewport:

  • URL: Your Freshdesk URL. 

    • Example:

  • Button text

  • Button color

  • Button text color


Specify your Intercom App ID to activate the widget. 

Example: abc12345