The Search and 404 page are currently fixed parts of the Help Center theme and can’t be edited.

The Search Page

The search page is shown to the user once they are searching for anything on your site.

Search template with search results and open filter

Each search result presented to your users contains the following information:

  • Title of the article page.

  • Content source name.

  • A snippet of the sentence where the search term was found.

There will be a maximum of ten search results shown on one page, the most relevant ones shown on the first page.

Search filters

Between the search bar and the search results, you will find a drop-down filter selection. This allows your users to filter the search results by a specific content source (your different Confluence spaces).

Here’s an Example

A particular search returns 100 results from three content sources in total.

If the user now filters the search to view results from just one content source: ‘Product A Documentation’, the search page will reload and return only 20 results, which are all part of the ‘Product A Documentation’ content source.

404 Page Not Found

The 404 template (page not found) will be shown if a link within your site is referring to a non existing article. The page shows a string with a link to the content source overview and a search bar for the user.