To use this feature of Scroll Viewport you will need to install Scroll Documents first. Trial the app for free for 30 days.

Scroll Viewport allows you to add a Confluence space or a Scroll Document as a content source. The advantage of adding a Scroll Document as a content source is that it allows you to configure and show different version of your content on your site.

When you select two or more versions of a document, Scroll Viewport will add a version picker to your site. This picker allows your visitors to choose and navigate between different versions of your site's content.

To get started, make sure you have created your first Scroll Document and created a Viewport site.

Already have a site with a Confluence space as a content source and want to replace it with a Scroll Document? Learn how to convert any space into a Scroll Document.

Selecting versions for a new content source

To start, select a document as a content source. Type ‘document’ in the content source field to get a full list of all your Scroll Documents.

  1. Click Next

  2. From the version list, check at least two versions you want to display on your site.

  3. Click next, then save.

  4. Click update site to go live with your newly added versions.

When adding multiple versions to your site, we recommend you don't include the working version.

Always use the working version to prepare changes and save a version once complete. Add those snapshot versions instead of your working version to your Viewport site.

If you change the name of a version that is selected in your site, your URL paths to all article pages of that version will change as well. Any links that use the old version name will break.

Selecting versions for an existing content source

Navigate to the app to open the single site overview screen. If you have multiple sites, select one of your sites first.

  1. Find your document in the content source table

  2. From the versions in site column, click the 'version in site' link to open the version list

  3. Check and uncheck the boxes next to the version names to add or remove versions of your document from the site

  4. Click save to close the version list

  5. Click update site to go live with your newly added or removed versions.

Navigating between different document versions

In your next site generation, Viewport will add a version picker to the header of all content source pages for which you have selected multiple versions. Use this picker to navigate between all the document versions you selected for your site.

As a current limitation, switching versions will always take you back to the top page of your content source's version, regardless of the specific page you switched from.