Scroll Viewport uses your Confluence spaces or Scroll Documents as content sources for your help center.

The pages and page tree in your space or Scroll Document define the content and content structure on your site:

  • Your space overview page or document root page will be transformed into a landing page - the content source page.

  • All other pages will be transformed into article pages.

  • Your top-level parent pages will additionally show as topics on your content source page.

  • If more than one content source is added, a new landing page is added – the portal page. All content sources will appear as a seperate tile on that portal page. Clicking the tile will take the user to the content source page.

How a Confluence page is transformed into an article page

In Scroll Viewport you define and structure content using native Confluence Cloud functionalities, like the editor, macros or page labels.

The articles in this section will show you how you can optimize your help content using supported Confluence features and macros: