If you set up your help center with multiple content sources, you can customize the portal page to help your users begin their help experience. Learn how to add more content sources to your site.

Customize the portal page in the theme editor by expanding the template section Portal.


The banner contains a title and a subtitle as well as a search bar and a background image. Within the theme editor you can change all of those settings.

Using custom images: Attach custom images to the overview page of your content spaces to select them in the attachment picker inside the theme editor. If you’re using a Scroll Document as a content source, upload the attachments to the root page of the working version of one of your added documents.

Using the search in this template will search through all content sources which are part of the site.

Content Sources Tiles

In the lower part of the page, users can navigate to the content sources within the help center by choosing a tile for the content source.

Settings within the theme editor

The settings for the tiles can be changed in the theme editor:

  • The heading of the content source tiles section.

  • The order of the content source tiles.

  • The initially shown rows of tiles. The rest will be hidden and shown if the user clicks on “show more”.

Settings using Confluence data

These settings are changeable by using Confluence data:

  • The logo of the content source tile is the space logo. For Scroll Documents: the document cover image.

  • The name of the content source tile is the space name. For Scroll Documents: the document title.

  • The description of the content source tile is the space description. For Scroll Documents: the document summary.

Learn more about the template for content sources.