This page describes how the Scroll Viewport for Confluence app accesses content on your Confluence site.


The Scroll Viewport for Confluence app is represented by its own user with the name Scroll Viewport for Confluence Cloud. This user is automatically created and assigned to the group confluence-users when you install the app. Scroll Viewport for Confluence Cloud is an app user and does not add to your licensed user count.

The confluence-users group is part of the Default Space Permissions that are applied whenever you create a new space. If you haven’t changed the default space permissions, Scroll Viewport for Confluence will automatically have all necessary permissions to work in that space.

Giving Access to a Space That Excludes confluence-users

If the space you want to add to a Scroll Viewport site has space permissions that exclude the group confluence-users you will need to add the user Scroll Viewport for Confluence Cloud individually.

To include the app user in your space permissions:

  1. Go to the space

  2. Click Space Settings

  3. Switch to the tab Permissions

  4. Click Edit permissions under the table Individual Users

  5. Type Scroll Viewport for Confluence Cloud and click Add

Make sure View is ticked. This will give the app user permission to read the space content.

If you’re using Confluence Page restrictions on pages these will restrict the app from reading those pages - unless the app user is added for reading there as well.