You can connect the Help Center theme to the Google suite of apps like Analytics, Tag Manager, and Search Console to help better understand your users' help journeys and improve your content over time.

Google Analytics

Specify your Analytics ID to embed your Google Analytics tracking code on every page of your site.

Make sure you provide a Google Analytics Tracking ID in the format UA-XXXXXX-X. A measurement ID in the format G-XXXXXXX will not work. Learn more about the differences.

Example: UA-123456-2

Google Search Console

Specify your Search Console Verification to receive search engine data about your site within your Search Console account.

Example: SDFGsFGDFGssdFVSDf_scvSWsfdg3543rt4G

Google Tag Manager

Specify your Tag Manager ID to embed your Google Tag Manager tracking code on every page of your help center.

Example: GTM-123456-7

If you are using Google Tag Manager, it's usually redundant to use the Analytics and Search Console, as those can be included in the Tag Manager code. Learn more here.