What will you need to do?

If you are a Confluence administrator of your instance, you will be able to initiate the migration process using the provided Migration Tool.   Please follow these steps: 

  1. You can access the Migration Tool by navigating to Confluence Settings → Scroll Documents → Migration

  2. Once there, you will see a list of all your documents that need to be migrated. Please note that the migration tool lists all the documents from all the spaces in your Confluence instance, meaning you will only need to run the migration once.

    ⚠️ You can migrate all your documents by clicking the Migrate all button. Alternatively, you can choose to migrate selected documents by clicking the corresponding Migrate buttons.

  3. Once, the migration is complete, you will see a Migrated status next to each migrated document.

  4. Now, all your documents will be available in the new Documents Index of your spaces

In case you receive an error or see any other message other than Migrated in your status column, please contact our support team at

Known issues/ Gotchas

Wrong Creator and Creation Date information for Migrated Documents and Versions 

After you have successfully migrated all your documents and their versions, they will be available in the new Documents Index (called Documents Overview) and can be read and managed in the Document Viewer. But, for all those documents and versions, the creator will be set to the Scroll Documents App User - k15t-scroll-document-versions-for-confluence, and the creation date will be set to the date they were migrated.

Please note that, the versions will still appear in the order of their original creation date in the document viewer. In case, you need to find the original creation date and creator dates of the versions, please follow these steps - 

  • From the '...' menu in the version card, click Open in page

  • You will be redirected to an archived space that was created when you had originally saved the version. 

  • Click Space Settings on the left navigation bar to navigate to the Space Details. The creation date and creator of that archived space, will be the creation date and creator of that version.