We are pleased to introduce Scroll Documents 2.1.18-AC which is an improvement release.

In this release we have introduced a new experience for editing version metadata and have also introduced the ability to set a default variant for a Document.

Additionally, this release contains a lot of updates under the hood in preparation for the release of our our new integration app - Translations for Scroll Documents.


New ‘Edit version details’ experience

In this release we have split the ‘Edit version details’ action into two parts -

  1. Edit version - This option lets you edit the version details like the version name and description

  2. Update prefix - This option lets you update the prefix of all the pages that are part of the version.

We have made these changes for the following reasons -

  1. In an attempt to make the actions future-proof once we release Translations support for Scroll Documents.

  2. To improve the discoverability of the options. Previously, the ‘Update prefix’ option was hidden within the Edit version details dialog which made its discovery quite unintuitive.

Set a default variant

Now you are able to set a default variant in your variant list. If you already have a set of variants created, you will need to manually assign a default variant. If not, then the first variant you create will automatically be set as the default variant. Please note that you can change the default variant at any time.

Once you have set a default variant, you will have the following advantages -

  1. When you open the Document Reader, you will always land on the default variant first.

  2. When exporting a document, the default variant will be pre-selected in the export dialog.

  3. (Coming soon) When publishing documents to Viewport, people will always land on the default variant in the Help Center.

Check out our public cloud roadmap to see which Scroll Documents features are coming up next!