We are pleased to introduce Scroll Documents 2.1.9-AC which is an improvement and bug-fix release.

In this release we added the column ‘'Comment’' to the CSV export file of the Activity Log and we have also implemented a new admin option to ‘hide’ the export options in the various interfaces - Document Manager and Document Reader,  Set Default Templates.

We also fixed a bug that caused an incorrect view of the page tree preview in the version details dialog.


Include the Comments in the CSV export file of the Activity Log.

The column ‘'Comment’' in the the CSV export file of the Activity Log is now available. Thanks to this new section, the CSV file exported will contain more information such as:

  1. Content of inline comment

  2. Content of page comment

  3. Content of version comment related to given revision.

Hiding export options in various interfaces in the app.

We have implemented the possibility to ‘hide’ the export options from the following app’s interfaces:

  • Document Manager

  • Document Reader

  • Set Default Templates.

There are two options available:

  1. Hide PDF Exporter

  2. Hide Word Exporter

If both are hidden, the entire export button will be hidden.


Check out our public cloud roadmap to see which Scroll Documents features are coming up next!