We are pleased to introduce Scroll Documents 2.0.35-ac which is an improvements and bug-fix release.

In this release we have made significant improvements to the Document Library, Document Manager, Document Toolbox, and Document Reader to help make your workflow smoother, faster and snappier. 


Document Library

Minimal actions for maximum productivity

Click on the cards to quickly jump into the Document Manager and click on the Read button on the cards to open the latest approved version of the document in the Document Reader. 

Document Manager

Manage your document without losing context

The document manager is now integrated with the Document Library and open up in context when you click on a document card. This means, you are still able to access the space sidebar while managing your document. This change also means that the Document Manager loads a lot faster than before.

Versions take the center stage

The Document manager now puts the versions of the document front and center and provides you with all the important actions a click away for your document management workflows.

  • Click on the version title to quickly jump into the page tree of a version to start editing it.

  • Change the workflow statuses inline in the table.

  • Manage restrictions of the versions using the shortcut in the actions column.

  • Sharing the versions is a lot easier and faster with the actions directly available in the version table.

  • Organize the page trees of the versions using the Document Composer directly from the manager.

  • View and Track changes to your versions by accessing the activity log from the '...' menu in the version rows.

Document Toolbox

View and Track Activity of your Versions

You can now view the activity across all pages in a version of your document by accessing the Activity log right from within the Document Toolbox by clicking View Activity.

You'll also notice that we have moved the 'Delete version' option from the Document Toolbox into the Document Manager.

Document Reader

Read the Right Version

When opened from the Document Library, the Document reader will always show you the most recent approved version thus making sure that your readers always get the most up to date information. You can of course pick a different version using the version picker on the top left.

Export from the Reader

Now, you are also able to export the version you are reading right from within the Document Reader.

Bug Fixes

In this release we have fixed the following bugs -

  • Saving a new version of a document failed with an update conflict