Define the metadata of the working version when you create a new document and define the metadata of any subsequent version when you save a version. Edit all details at any point in time after a version was originally saved.

Define Version Details for a Working Version

When you create a new document, a working version is automatically created with it.

Some version details of the working version are automatically defined at document creation and can only be edited after document creation. The defaults are:

  • Version name: working version

  • Description: (The working version of the document)

Other version details of the working version can already be defined and edited at document creation. From the fields in Step 1 and 2 of the Create new document dialog you can optionally define:

  • Prefix: Adds a prefix to all pages of your working version page tree.

  • Status: Allows you to convey the state of the working version to readers and contributors.

Define Version Details for a Saved Version

When you save a version, you can define the version details from the New version dialog.

From the fields in the Basic tab of the dialog you can:

  • Enter a Version Name of your choice. All values and formats are admitted.

  • Optionally, add a Description.

  • Set a workflow Status. You can choose from a set of pre-defined values, including no status.

  • Optionally, set Restrictions. Decide who can edit version details, view or edit pages of the version.

From the fields in the Advanced tab of the dialog, you can optionally set a prefix. The prefix will be added to all pages of your version page tree.

Edit Version Details

You can always update the version details that were added when a version was originally saved. This includes any defaults details that were automatically added to the working version when the document was originally created.

Navigate to the Document Manager

  • Click Scroll Documents from the Apps section in your space sidebar.

  • From the Document Library, click the document card of a document.


  • From a page in a document, click Document toolbox and click the cog icon.

Navigate to version details dialog

  • For the version you want to edit details for, click ••• in the Actions column and click Edit details.

Document manager with open actions menu

Edit version details

  • Optionally, update the following:

    • Version Name of your choice.

    • Optionally, add or edit a Description.

    • Workflow Status.

  • Click Save.