In Confluence, it is not possible for two pages to have the same title in a single space. As a result, Scroll Documents adds a prefix to every page in a version of a document to work around this limitation. When saving a version, the version name is used as the default prefix, e.g. if you have chosen a version name like - 1.0.0, then the prefix will be (1.0.0).

But there may be situations where you would like to change this prefix. E.g.

  • If you choose to rename the version, or

  • You would like a different prefix scheme

In which case, you can use the Change prefix option to update the prefix of all pages of a version in bulk.

Change Prefix

Changing the prefix for a version updates the prefix of all the pages in the document version.

Navigate to the Document Manager

  • Click Scroll Documents from the Apps section in your space sidebar.

  • From the Document Library, click the document card of a document.


  • From a page in a document, click Document toolbox and click the cog icon.

Navigate to the change prefix dialog

  • For the version you want to edit details for, click ••• in the Actions column and click Change prefix.

  • Add the new prefix in the 'prefix' text box, and click Save