We're proud to announce the beta release of Scroll Content Quality for Confluence Cloud! 🎉

This brand-new Forge app enables your team to maintain content quality and consistency in Confluence. Create and customize rules to check spelling, terminology, macros, links, capitalization & more.

Create rules to: 

  • Enforce terminology by checking for specific words or phrases and recommending replacements or alternatives

  • Flag obsolete or incorrect terms

  • Flag broken links by confirming that external websites that are linked on a Confluence page are still online and reachable

  • Check for alt-text descriptions on images

  • Unify spelling and capitalization 

  • Promote diverse and inclusive language

  • Control which macros can be used by allowing or blocking the use of specific Confluence macros

Check out our Get Started page to learn more about how the app can support you and your teammates.

The app is currently available as a free beta version. Learn more about Our Plans for the Future and be sure to contact our team with any questions or feedback about the app so far.