Scroll Content Quality does not check a page when it is edited.

When opening the Byline item the status stays on PAGE NOT YET CHECKED and clicking the Check page button loads for a short time and then displays an error message.


The Atlassian Forge platform that Scroll Content Quality is build upon currently limits how long an app can spend on a single action, by default this limit is 10 seconds.
If your page has a lot of content or if you have set up more complex rules then this might cause the app to run into this limit and not be able to successfully write a report for this page.


We are currently in contact with Atlassian about this problem to try and find ways to eliminate this limitation or reduce its impact.

Unfortunately for now there are only two different workarounds for this problem:

  • Reduce the size of the page, for example by splitting it up with an Include Page macro.

  • Reduce the complexity of the Scroll Content Quality rules, for example by removing rules that are not critical at the moment.