Before you begin

You have to have access to the file system of your JIRA server to follow the steps laid out in this article.

If you want to allow only some projects to be synchronized with Backbone Issue Sync, you can do so by defining the following system properties:

  • enableBackboneForAllProjects
    By default this property is set to true, which lets all projects use Backbone. If you want to disable it for all projects, you should set this property to false.
  • backboneProjects
    If "enableBackboneForAllProjects" is set to false, you can still enable certain projects to be synchronized with Backbone by listing them in this property. The value is a comma-separated list of project keys.

If a project is disabled in this way, you cannot configure an synchronization from this project's administration screen. However, project administrators of enabled projects can integrate with all JIRA projects they have rights for, including disabled projects.

Example usage

-DbackboneProjects="AN,AA" -DenableBackboneForAllProjects="false"

In this example, issue synchronization is disabled for all projects except those with project keys AN and AA.

We are working on implementing this feature in a global administration UI. Please see Feature RequestBAC-519 - Restrict usage of Backbone to some projects Open for more details on progress.