February 2023

The Backbone team is pleased to introduce Backbone Issue Sync 5.4.3.

This release includes support for Jira 9.5, an improvement to automatically pair issues uni-directionally, and some other small (UI) improvements and bug fixes.

Small Updates and Improvements

You might notice a few small text changes and UI updates with this release.

Updates to Setting Up the Workflow Mapping

When setting up new workflow mapping for your configuration, Backbone will auto-select a workflow if you only use one in your project, thus saving you time. Also, even if the workflow name is long, the full name will be shown when you hover over it, so you don't make any mistakes. In addition, we fixed the error where two dialogs would display on top of each other. 

Field Mapping Default Passthrough

When you create a "Single Select to Text" and an "Organization to Organization" field mapping, the default is now set to "passthrough." Besides that, we fixed some errors encountered when saving the field mapping, e.g., when information is still missing.

Renamed Backbone Sections

In the manage app section, the "Settings" section is now renamed to "Global Settings." In addition, you can now find your synchronizations under the label "Backbone Issue Sync" instead of "Synchronizations" on the project level.

Automatically Pair Issues Unidirectionally

With the automatic pairing of issues, you can pair issues that were synced (manually) before being based on the summary or issue key. This can now also be done when you have the issue types set unidirectionally. It would come in handy when, for example, you are conducting a phased migration of your Jira instance using Backbone.


Do you have questions, or is something not working as expected? Please let us know by creating a ticket in our support system or emailing help@k15t.com.

All updates and fixes in this release