An issue does not get synchronized and appears in the troubleshooting section with the category 'Missing required fields' and the message, e.g. "customfield_10200":"Text field is required." or "description":"Description is required.".

The 'customfield_10200' part identifies the internal id of the field which is affected.


The issue sent from the other side does not contain a value for the required field. This might be due to the following reasons:

  • The corresponding field is not mapped via Backbone and therefore no value is set by Backbone.
  • The corresponding field is mapped via Backbone, but the issue on the sender side does not have a value.


There are different approaches how to resolve this situation:

  • Make the corresponding field optional, see the JIRA documentation for detailed steps. Please perform a retry afterwards.
  • Make sure that you've mapped the field with Backbone and provided a value in the issue on the senders side. Please perform a resync for this issue afterwards.