Define how attachments are synchronized between instances.


  • If an attachment gets deleted in the issue where it was originally added, it will also be removed in the corresponding issue in the partner project.
  • If you delete an attachment that has been synchronized to the partner project by Backbone, it will not be removed in the issue in the partner project where it was added originally. 

Further configuration

You can configure additional options via the configure link for both directions. There you can choose between two modes:

  • Blacklist Mapping (default). This includes all attachments in the synchronization except the ones you specify with the filter options.
  • Whitelist Mapping. This excludes all attachments from the synchronization. Only attachments matching the filter options will be synchronized.

Filter options

  • Maximum file size. Files bigger than the specified file size will not be synchronized. The file size is specified in MB.
  • Mime Types. Files with a mime type from this list will be included in (Whitelist Mapping)/excluded from (Blacklist Mapping) the synchronization. You can find a list of possible mime types here.
  • Filename Regex. Files with a name matching this regular expression will be included in (Whitelist Mapping)/excluded from (Blacklist Mapping) the synchronization. The regular expression will be executed in Java, so you can use any regular expression which works in Java.