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Atlassian Marketplace Apps

Backbone Issue Sync

Sync Jira issues across instances and business borders.

Scroll PDF Exporter

Export Confluence content to PDF file format.

Scroll Word Exporter

Export Confluence content to Word file format.

Scroll Viewport

Present your Confluence content as a customizable help center.

Scroll Viewport Data Center

Present your Confluence content as a customizable help center.

Scroll HTML Exporter

Export Confluence content to HTML file format.

Scroll Documents

Define a Confluence page tree as a document to manage and version it as a single piece of content.

Translations for Scroll Documents

Translate your Scroll Documents into other languages – in Confluence or collaborate with translation professionals using XLIFF.

Variants for Scroll Documents

Manage conditional content and publish variants of your documentation based on audience needs.

Scroll for Confluence

Turn Confluence into a fully-fledged documentation solution.

Scroll ImageMap

Structure content and pages in Confluence with page metadata.

Scroll Content Quality

Check content quality and enforce style standards in your Confluence pages.

Inline Comments in the Editor

View and resolve inline comments in the Confluence editor.

Scroll Exporter Extensions

Expand the functionality of the Scroll Exporter apps for finer control over content usage and formatting with the Scroll Macros.

Scroll Versions

Write, manage, and publish documentation in Confluence.

Scroll Translations

Manage and deliver your Confluence content to a global audience.

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